Hello and welcome!

If you’ve not visited before then check out my about page for a bit more information about my life and more details on what my blog is all about.

If you’ve stumbled across this (most likely because my Mum has shared it 37 times on Facebook) then just to let you know this blog/online diary is just going to be a mixture of typed up entries from my travel journal and random anecdotes of what I’ve been up to. It probably won’t be particularly interesting, but feel free to read it nonetheless.

It’s most likely just going to end up as a series of incoherent ramblings for my own benefit, so that when a few years down the line I actually have had to get a proper job, I can look back on this and remember that life hasn’t always been so boring.

Another reason for this blog is that whilst I’ve been travelling I’ve been using lots of other peoples posts for tips on what to do/where to stay/how much money I’ll spend etc. I’ve found them to be really useful so thought I would type up some (hopefully) helpful tips from my personal experience for other people to use.

Thanks for visiting. Safe travels!

Tori x